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EuroTuning is a design and tuning company developing and manufacturing products increasing the driving qualities of automobiles. The modifications are mostly aimed at the daily operation; however, the EuroTuning company has its own know-how concerning gearboxes, which enables the company to develop and manufacture gearboxes for exclusive sports-related use.

The main criterion when completing the offer of the various products is the quality and the function. The modifications are aimed at optimizing the driving parameters to make the operation of the vehicle more comfortable and the reaction to the driver´s actions faster. Each modification is also assessed concerning its influence on the parameters adjusted by the vehicle´s manufacturer and must never impair it.

Therefore, you find in the EuroTuning offer only such products or modifications, which substantially improve the driving performance of the vehicles. Concerning special components being not its own products, the company cooperates with renowned companies like Bilstein, Brembo or the Austrian company Oberscheider (O.CT) in the area of the automobile software.

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