VW Gearbox Conversion Kit
Designed for gearbox type: 02A; 02B; 02D; 02J; 02R; 0A4
Our solution makes it possible for experienced service workshop to carry out this modification without removing the gearbox out of the car...
For glueing and sealing we use:

1) for threads - thread locker from 3M company: LT43 (blue) and LT71 (red) - as shown in our Manual
2) for sealing the gearbox's cover - gasket seal from Soudal company
We have great experience with these products (but you can definitely use other similar products), during the assembly you don't have to wait for it to dry, then apply thread locker on the screw threads, fit the bolt, tighten and go on. Apply gasket seal to the gearbox aluminium cover, fit the shafts and screw together with the gearbox using 5 bolts M7x60.

Immediately, we continue by pouring 3 dcl gearbox oil through the hole created by unscrewing sealing plug at the front gearbox, it is not required to pour more, at removing the initial metal sheet gearbox cover it does not flow out more than 1,5 dcl oil, main oil charge remains behind bulkhead.